• Hold tight to your dreams and the things that define you.

    Hold tight to your dreams and the things that define you The 1970s. American-built muscle cars and my teen years. When everything important to a kid was cast and set in motion. My first car was a '70 Pontiac LeMans with a 350 cubic inch V8. After killing it twice and rebuilding it with my pals, I raised hell in a '77 Camaro followed by another from '79. I loved my first Camaro, the second one not as much. It gets murky after that, something about an RX7, a couple of Ford pickups (catastrophic engine failures) and a Volvo GLT that still excites in its 17th year.

    In those formative, fevered and halcyon summer breaks from high school, performance was the centermark. The roar and vibration of going way too fast and the immortality of youth pushed me, pulled me, kept me directed during the awkward years of boy into man. But the noise and pulse weren't only generated from gunning an engine. It came strong and steady, through my soul, through the drums. They were '74 Ludwigs, and wildly popular due to Ringo Starr's affinity for American drums. They came to define me. Through endless hours playing to LP records in my room, to teen dance gigs, to making a living with them and trying to make a living with them. For the drums' inherent capacity to provide stress therapy and a place to escape, I've had no better confidant and no truer partner.

    Through life's many diversions, careers and false starts, and all my beloved drum kits (most of them vintage) along the way, what matters most is happiness. For me that still boils down to performance. Real performance. Super-Sport performance. Anybody want to get rid of their old Chevy Chevelle SS? Hold tight to your dreams.



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