• Does this drummer exist?

    One who is familiar with a metronome, keeps steady time and doesn't rush fills or play too many of them for that matter. One who thinks a consistent groove pattern played for the whole song is more important than breaking the flow with "look at me" bass drum licks or crazy ride bell patterns.

    Dynamics matter. Being in the moment matters. Keeping your head up and eyes open for cues matters. More hi hat (sometimes tight and chicky, sometimes loose and washy) than ride cymbal is a better approach for live music. Crash cymbals are more effective the less they are used. Someone who can play a mood. Laid-back, behind or on top of the tempo. Someone with stage experience. A person who actually listens to the bass guitar's part and locks in with it. Someone who can go from rock 4/4 to country two-beat and shuffles. A Charlie and Ringo with skills, and without excessive wankology.

    Are you the drummer/musician that understands that simple, confident pocket drumming is musically sexy and that creative, open fills excite people more than dense super-chop demos? If you think these expectations are limiting or dictatorial then you're not him. But if you get it, if you've reached this level of maturity in your playing, then you are a rare find in the city I write this from. If you exist, live music is waiting for you.


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